Monday, July 1, 2013

Dwelling Places

Rehabilitating &
Reconciling street
children with families

Who is dwelling places?
Dwelling Places is a Christian, non-governmental organization dedicated to removing children from the streets, rebuilding broken families and restoring broken individuals with the love of Jesus Christ.

Imagine the street as your home and the garbage as your food. Imagine living a life without love, longing for a glimpse of hope...

This is the reality for over 10,000 street children in Uganda. Dwelling Places exists to provide escape from poverty and a brighter future. We are a Christian, non-government organization that rehabilitates ex-street children, abandoned babies, and high-risk slum families. Through holistic care, these children are relocated into safe, loving homes back in society.

Moving a child from the streets  to a loving home is a process that requires our four-step Holistic Care Program.

Step 1: Rescue
Our  social workers travel to Kampala and local slums to build relationships with impoverished children who are begging and sleeping on the streets. After assessing the individual's needs, we tailor the program accordingly.

Step 2: Rehabilitate
When a child is brought into Dwelling Places' program, he will live at our Transitional Rehabilitation Center(TRH) for an average of two years. Street children often lack basic daily living habits, so at the TRH, we train them in such skills. We also have empowerment, spiritual enrichment, and counseling programs to further their self-esteem.

Step 3: Reconcile
We work to reconcile the child with their family. if the child lacks a responsible, loving family member the Dwelling Places pursues the options of foster care and adoption. We also promote the Family Empowerment and Preservation Program(FEPP) with each family. Through counseling, health training, and business training, the FEPP equips families to provide stable home environments.

Step 4: Resettle
When the family is qualified to receive the child, it's time for the end goal: resettlement. Dwelling Places meets regularly with the family to reassess their needs and encourage them towards self-sustainability. In cases where we're unable to find permanent home for an individual, we equip them with independent-living skills once they're nearing adulthood.

Isaiah 58:12
Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins, and will raise up the age-old  foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.

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