Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Day

I felt like a girl with out her iced coffee in the morning, shaky, gitty, neves on a trying pan being fried, and no brain! I think that about sums it up with out coffee in the morning. Today, I started my first college class, American Sign Language! I LOVED IT! 
(That's me right before class)

It's crazy that I am now a college freshmen! I'm shocked, I don't know about you but if your a college student or still in high school it's pretty amazing how time flys by so stinken fast. One minute your a freshmen in high school then your being asked to Prom your Junior year, then it's your Senior year and your graduating, then your officially a college student! AMAZINGLY fast yet amazing time in your life! My only advice to you gals is to live life to the fullest and put God number one in everything you do. You will be shocked on what he will do in your life, you will see blessing flow in and out of you and around you. ❤

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