Saturday, August 24, 2013

Phone Tag

My dove is hiding behind rocks, behind an outcrop on the cliff. Let me see your face; let me hear your voice. For your voice is pleasant, and your face is lovely. (Song Of Songs 2:14)

Much of the Bible is one big living metaphor...a picture of Jesus and his bride. This mushy love story, much like the one described in the Bible in Song Of Songs, is one that gets to be lived out by you..pursued by your prince, wooed and swept into a lifelong convenient of marriages. 

It is not only marriage being mirrored by Jesus and the church, but your engagement, too, and even the mad chase for your attention! As you read the book of Hosea (read it as a contemporary love story in Francine Rivers's book Redeeming Love), you have to skake your head in wonder. Hosea pursued Gomer through she was an unfaithful lover who prostituted herself to others. In all our unfaithfulness, Jesus pursues us just like that! All of Scriptures is an endless pursuit. Translation: if you want the fullest of satisfaction in your own love story, you will let the guy pursue you.

The verdict is out as to whether guys like it when girls call them. Guys say they like it if they like the girl, but it's a pain when they don't. Thanks, guys. We couldn't have figured that out on our own. But it doesn't matter. A godly guy, which is the only kind you should be waiting for it you want the love story of a lifetime, is going to enjoy pursuing you. He needs to be the hunter. 

This isn't a popular stance. Should you choose to adopt it, your friends may question your decision. One prominent polition said she does not allow her girls to call boys. In a nationwide poll, 70 percent of respondents said the politician was old fashioned and outdated in her attitudes. Maybe the new "normal" is for girls to pursue, but let's talk about normal. What grade would you give the new normal dating relationship these days? The new normal emotional state of your girlfriends who are boy crazy? The new normal is broken. It doesn't work. He who began a good work in you, every type of good work, is able to carry it to completion (see Philippians 1:16)...if only you will trust and obey by letting a guy pursue you!

Action Step
For one week (minimum) refuse to initiate contact with a guy. He calls first, texts first, makes the suggestions, the plans: he takes the first step.

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