Sunday, September 22, 2013


Ladies, Here Are a Few Tips Guaranteed to Bring Failure to a Store Near You.

Swap God for Guys
If you make guys your first priority, if you try to put them in the place in your life where God should be, you will really suffer. Remember this math equation; God > the sum of guys.

Try to Change Him
If people change because of your influence, that's one thing, but to set out to try to change someone is not a great method for good relationships. You can't change him; it's more likely you will change, and probably not for the better.

Get Them to Love You
It's close to impossible to "make" someone like you, let alone "love" you. Love is something you discover and then commit to. You cannot force people into these things. Love is not forced; it is freely given. Do not try to fit a round peg in a square hole.

Only Say Yes
If you haven't learned to be comfortable with the word "no", the you are making your life much more difficult. Making choices simply to please others can make you a pushover who is easily manipulated, pressured, and used. Healthy females don't try to please everyone. You cannot do this anyway. But you can learn how to treat yourself with dignity. Learning to say "no" is a very important part of that. Only saying yes = Fail.

Be Naive
You need to know how to evaluate people, truth, action, and care. Don't just take people at their word. Make them prove it in their actions. Do not be naive; be informed.

Date Really Young
People who date young always suffer the most hardships and often wish they would have spent less time on guys and more times on anything else. You cannot have a healthy relationships until you spend with yourself, your friends, and your family. 

Constantly Have Boyfriends
Boyfriends are not shoes; you don't always need them. They face a much higher risk for depression, emotional pain, poor self-esteem, disease, sexual abuse, and broken heart. 

Only Focus on the Present
People who use their brain to only focus on here and now are selling themselves short. You can enjoy the present while thinking about and planning for the future. Enjoy where you are and know where you are going, and you won't be thrown off course by the changing tides.

Form Your Identity Around What You Think Guys Like
Instead of being themselves, these girls fall  the trap of doing exactly the opposite and  become a person someone else wants them to be. People appreciate you more for being yourself, not what you think they want you to be. 

Guys, Here's a List of Surefire Ways to Get an A+ in Fail.

Pressure People, Especially Girls
If you want to be a stalker/creep/not-fun-person-to-be-around/sexual-assaulter type, then pressure people. OR JUST DON'T! Many guys have strong personalities and don't realize they can put pressure on people simply because they are persuasive. Being considerate will serve you much better in life than being selfish and pressuring others.

Embarrass Girls
There is a difference between teasing and embarrassing. No one likes to be embarrassed, especially girls when they are in public. Girls are sensitive. Make sure that you are being sensitive to them as well.

Be The Whiny Guy
Do you really need an explanation?

Be Loud
You are one human being. Don't try to be the voice of everyone. If you do, then everyone will not like you. Give other people room to speak and be heard. Your opinion, though important, is not the most important one.

Be Macho
Macho is an act. It may look like it is working for some guys, but a macho persona will not serve you well in the long run.

Be Clingy
Are you constantly sweet-talking girls or clinging to a girlfriend to the point that it takes up more than its fair share of homework time or time with your friends? Then don't. Girls can be an important part of your life, but don't mistake them for life itself.

Be Obsessed
Don't be the little dog in heat, running around looking for something to...well...just don't obsess over girls.

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