Monday, September 16, 2013

Guys Are Waffles & Girls Are Spaghetti

So, I figured it would be fun to change things up a little! What do you guys think? I'm gonna take the next 3 or so days and have a little fun on how guys think and how girls think. You may get a laugh at this. This will be fun. Shake things up a bit! I will be taking things out of a book by Chad Eastham (I'll post the book), Guys Are Waffles & Girls Are Spaghetti.

 Chad's (author) Obeservations 
of Guys and Girls
  •  Guys like to hang around girls who lower the stress in their lives. In other words, they like girls who aren't self-centered or too demanding (low-maintenance) and don't bring unnecessary drama.
  • Females bring up different subjects more often than males because they are more motivated to work things out. After all, not everything can be solved by saying, "Whatever."
  • Guys tend to get angry when they are provoked by another person in a competitive game or in an encounter with the opposite sex. Girls tend to get angry when they are faced a circumstance that seems to be out of their control.
  • Girls struggle with depression more often than guys.
  • Girls tend to be attracted to guys who demonstrate dominance in their social settings. Guys tend to be attracted to girls who are physically attractive to them. These are not the traits, however, that remain attractive in long-term relationships. Over time, friendship, conflict resolution, acceptance, and sacrifice become the traits in both sexes that are most attractive.
  • Guys and girls experience emotions at about the same rate and intensity, but girls are much better at expressing them. Guys tend to avoid them or stuff them away. when upset, guys typically do something physically active; girls typically express themselves emotionally.
  • Girls are more concerned than guys about what other think of them. Guys are more concerned than guys about what others think of them. Guys are more concerned about what they think of themselves. If a guy is confident, he will give himself the benefit of the doubt in just about everything. If he lacks confidence, he will be critical of himself in just about everything.

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