Thursday, July 11, 2013

Those Roller Coaster Moments

Your in line to get on a ride that you know is a little extreme and your nerves are sizzling like they are on a frying pan ( you know what I mean). You inch closer and closer to the loading zone and your nerves are sizzling on high and you get antsy. You finally get on the ride and your going up that one huge hill before it drops you down with loads of speed, and your just screaming. The g-force is so strong and you can't move your arms as your flying through the air, doing cork screws and flips one after another. Okay, you may be asking where the heck I'm going here or its putting you in the mood to go on one amazing extreme roller coaster.

Life can be like a roller coaster in some ways. I will show you how we can learn from roller coasters!

When your in line for the coaster and your nerves sizzling, use that time to get strong in God. Dig deep in the word, become one with it. When your in line whats the one thing you prepare yourself for that ride of a life time. Well, that's what your doing for your life, preparing for whatever your gonna go through. You can't go through anything without having the foundation of Christ.

Your the next person in line, your just freaking out with excitement, huh?! Sometimes in those moments we forget the foundation, that we just made sure we had in line. I will say sometimes I even forget the foundation, when I get so excited on whats going on around me and who's with me. But it is priority that even when we get so caught up with excitement on whats going on around us or what's coming up in front of that we do remember who is blessing us with whats happening....(just in case you don't know it's, Christ).

Now, you have officially entered the ride, there is no turning back now. Yep, that's how some situations can be. You get all excited and the next thing you know your buckled up and they are checking to make sure your not going to fall out of your harness. Okay, let me clarify something real fast, not all situations are the " I Want Off This Ride". Once your seated and harnessed in your in for good, no turning back now, huh? Your nerves are now sizzling like bacon on a frying pan. Situations like this is where you pray and turn to God for help. A lot of us always try and get ourselves out by ourselves (you know it's true). I will say it's hard when we want out of our harness so fast that we don't rely on Christ and we take matters into our own hands. WE CAN'T DO THAT!!!! We all know what the final out come is going to be...disaster!

We are heading up that big hill now. Our feet are dangling and we feel free, and we also feel like we can take on the whole world. We are screaming with excitement. Our hair is flying in the air we have this big cheesy smile on our face (oh, you know what I'm talking about). Yep, we are at the top about to go down the steep hill that we just climbed and this is usually the time where our nerves have fully kicked in and we are freaking out and screaming out of fear (depending on the ride). If you think this one through, it's just like life. We go through our ups and downs and we always turn to God when we are in desperate place in our lives. Hey! I've done it and I know you all have done it. Everyone does it. Should we be doing that? NO! We should be turning to God like we do when we have some type of gossip that we have to tell our best friend. You know when you find out some juicy inside scoop of something and you HAVE to tell someone and it's always your best friend (your laughing because you know it's true). Well, that's what we need to be with God. We need to turn to God 24/7. In any trails or happy moments we are in we need to be talking to God like he is (he should be) our best friend.

It's time your flying! Oh my goodness, your doing turns left and right, cork screws, flips. Oh! And we can't forget your going fast! In life we go thousand miles per hour (it seems like we do) and we just can't seem to slow down. When your flying on the ride sometimes you feel uncomfortable, huh? Sometimes God will allow things to happen to push us into the destiny he has planed for us. That doesn't mean it will always be comfortable, we just have to have faith. 

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