Sunday, August 18, 2013

Home Sweet Home

It's been a crazy week!  I can't believe how fast the workshop has gone by.  It's CrAzY!  It's been awesome. This week I can't even began to say how God can work within people. Right when you think God can't do something or his timing is wrong, think again, his timing is the best.

I don't even know where to began on how impacting this week has been, I'll start off with the subjects we talked about in our sessions:

  1. Releasing The Vision (Connecting With Jesus)
  2. Nothing Hidden
  3. What is Coming Against You?
  4. Confession & Weapons for Overcomers/Generational Prayer (I'll post that for you)
  5. Living Shamelessly
  6. Importance Of Really Listening 
  7. Take Away the "Horribleness" Of No!
  8. Pursuing Relationship With The Opposite Sex
  9. Blessing Your Spirit
  10. How To Bring God Into Your Relationship
We also took time to hear what God had to say to us about ourselves and about our future spouse. It was awesome. I saw so many people's life change right before my eyes, plus my life. 


I place the cross of Jesus in my family bloodline
And I serve all ties with his ungodly part of my natural heritage that has manifested.
(Name The Things The Lord Has Shown You That Have Come Against You)

I claim the power of the cross all generations back and all generations forward to break the power of all demonic spirits assigned to me to perpetuate this in my family line.

By the power of the cross, in the name of Jesus Christ, I command these demonic spirits and lies:

Out of my life
Out of my thoughts
Out of my relationships
Away from my potential marriage/marriage
Away from my potential children/children
Out of my/our destiny & calling
And completely out of my future

I Seal This In My Spirit In The NAME OF JESUS! 
(check out my last post, Journey To Breakthrough for 1-2-3 Skidoo)

What we say, we are speaking truth and life. When we call on the name of Jesus we are speaking truth. The devil has to flee when you speak the name of Jesus. Maintain your belief.

These amazing people are my family! :) To of them are from the United Kingdom & France!

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