Monday, August 12, 2013

Road Trippin It

Do you ever just want to road trip it someplace?  Go places that is a revelation to you and the people around you.  This week I am so happy and thankful to be in Redding, California.  I'm going to a singles workshop here at Bethel Church.  Here's a little scoop on what I will be going through this week:

Single Life Workshop (SLW) is training singles in becoming a healthy individual and having healthy relationships. It has been transformational for many who have participated, helping them to get unstuck and positioned for marriage.
Your participation in this workshop will enable you to:
  • Confront deep rooted issues that may prevent you from relationship
  • Gain freedom in relationships and vulnerability
  • Learn to do relationships well, whether in friendship, dating or preparing for marriage
  • Learn how to love yourself so you may allow others to love you
  • Practice sharing and being vulnerable within the safety of a small group
  • Develop real relationships within the workshop
  • Discuss how to pursue and engage the opposite sex in relationship
  • Complete homework assignments that challenge and activate the sessions
  • Cultivate healthy boundaries and learn the truth about "no"
  • Learn the truth about sexuality and purity
  • Have a good time while living in community and learning to trust others
Yesterday, I left with a friend ( ideas) at around 7/7:30AM (IN THE MORNING!!!) to head to Bethel.  It was great car ride, the drive to Redding, CA is about 6 hours away.  It went by really fast.  

Today I walked with one of the girls staying at a house with us to Starbucks and came back to the house and chilled.  It's been really nice.  The weather...lets just say it needs to be fall, I'm kinda done with this summer heat!  Here's some pictures that I took yesterday:

At around 5pm today I "officially" start the workshop.  There will be about 220 singles at the workshop this week.  So cool, huh?  I can't wait to see what God is going to do in us.  When I get home tonight I will post and tell you how tonight goes! Ttyl (lol I never use these short cuts) :) <3

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